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DJ Craig-
Wedding Disc Jockey

As a professional wedding disc jockey, Craig is more than a guy spinning records or CDs. He is an
organized Coordinator, a thoughtful MC and a Master Music Programmer.

That means that Craig is in communication with you, the staff and other wedding professionals thoughout your reception.
He makes sure every detail has been attended to- your reception is flowing smoothly and the MUSIC is spot on. DJ Craig is  your personal Party Orchestrator! 

announcements, music mix, appearance and sense of humor are exactly what you wished for. You and your guests will dance the night away while celebrating the beginning of your new life.

Craig's years of experience as a wedding disc jockey gives you an advantage. Your wedding reception will be remembered as a truly unique and fun experience for years to come.

To schedule an appointment with DJ Craig or inquire about date availability, please call 949.362.3535.

Disc Jockey Craig is an approved iTunes Affiliate with access to over four million songs.


Warning: The use of DJ Craig's sound and lighting may cause spontaneous partying!

Wedding Disc Jockey

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Wedding Disc Jockey