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..."Where there's music, there can be no evil." - Cervantes

R e s u m e´
E x p e r i e n c e   &   Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s

Craig majored in Radio/TV/Film while studying Communications at CSULB. He has on-air experience in radio, has performed at many southland nightclubs and at countless private parties.

"I love to watch my dance floor and react to it. Building energy while seamlessly mixing a set of danceable music is the most fun a DJ can have! I believe that song variety is key and a bit of unpredictability can add to the excitement. Adding in a request here, a "guilty pleasure" there but always keeping you, the dance floor and your guests in mind.

I am picky about my sound- that's why I offer an unparalleled, JBL 715 sound system. I also offer uplighting, gobos, pin spots & more.

Then there's The Matrix- a revolutionary, transparent DJ Touchscreen that changes the way partygoers experience what a Disc Jockey does. It adds an amazing visual element and allows me to completely remix a song on the fly!

As a Pro Emcee I'll make all announcements and introductions with class, clarity and a little humor when needed. A consultation to go over every detail of your event is included.

The look and sound of your celebration will create fantastic memories for your guests. I would feel privileged to be a part of it!"

DJ Craig is a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME), Event Planners Association, The OC Wedding Pros, Beach City Weddings and has written articles for many wedding dj and party related web sites. His blogs are and and

Craig is also a member of The DJ List, Pro DJ Network, and Free DJ America. He is a regular contributor to, Our DJ Talk, Pioneer Pro DJ Forums, DJChat, Disc Jockey America and American DJ forums.

DJ Craig on Facebook: Orange County DJ & Lighting

Craig's original music has been published online at and His Youtube channel is DJ Craig on Youtube

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Craig considers on-the-spot requests a welcome source of input. "It's a challenge to see where the requested song will fit in", he says. He pays particular attention to choosing and mixing songs together.

There is a time for seamless transitions to maintain momentum and a time for sudden changes to emphasize contrast and add refreshing energy. Craig believes, "The transitions between songs are almost as important as the songs themselves!"

Energetic DJ vocalizations and announcements, when needed, should be used to add to the party. But they should never be the main focus. The music selection and enjoyment of your guests should be foremost.

Craig has heard many stories of other DJs who suffer from "frustrated Vegas lounge act" or "game show announcer" syndrome. He believes, "If you're too busy concentrating on your 'stage performance' then you're probably not making the music a priority."

DJ Craig is now available exclusively for private parties. Upwards of half a million people have enjoyed his sound and lighting at special events for the past 15 years. He has been a guest speaker at classes on wedding and event coordination.

Craig has performed for Microsoft, The Marriott, The Orange County Bar Foundation, Merrill Lynch, Sysco Foods, Met-Rx, First Franklin, Pioneer, GNC, Toyota Racing Development, Unisys, Canon USA, Clothestime, Sysco Foods, Autobytel, Volkswagen, First Robotics, Paciolan, Namaste, City Of Orange Firefighters and many other corporate clients.

These upscale establishments have proudly referred DJ Craig:

Mozambique- Laguna Beach
The Charthouse- Dana Point
Soiree Catering- Santa Ana
Gini Garner Events- Mission Viejo
Rancho Capistrano- Rancho San Juan
Scott's Seafood- Costa Mesa
Antonello Ristorante- South Coast Metro
Coto de Caza Country Club- Coto de Caza
Hotel Figueroa- Los Angeles
Maggiano's At The Grove- Los Angeles
The Dana Point Yacht Club- Dana Point
Santa Ana Performing Arts Center- Santa Ana
Andrei's- Irvine

Craig has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and has written articles for many wedding and party related web sites. If you're planning a one of a kind event, get the right DJ. DJ Craig is available to meet by appointment only. Consultations held in Southern California.

To schedule an appointment with DJ Craig or inquire about date availability, please call 949.362.3535.

Why Our System Sounds Better

We use high end components, speakers and amps that already have inherently good sound. Then we sweeten the audio with the use of acoustic enhancement technology. This creates a more dynamic listening experience for our clients and their guests!

To understand why our system sounds better, let's follow the music from the beginning to it's endpoint:

-CD/Media Players-

-DJ Johnathan Demonstrates The MEP 7000-

We start with high end CD/Media players from Stanton, Denon and Pioneer. These were designed for Pro DJs- they are rugged, dependable and deliver great sound quality with very low noise and practically zero distortion. Whether playing CDs, MP3s or other sound files, they are virtually unskipable.

Our Pioneer MEP 7000 Media Controller allows us to play from traditional CDs and CDGs as well as memory sticks, iPods, MP3 players or right from the computer. If a guest or client has special music in practically any format, we can play it!

-Mixing Board-

Our Stanton 406 mixing board features "SST"- Stanton's proprietary Superior Sound Technology. Stanton mixers deliver studio quality sound and extremely low noise and distortion. The Stanton actually outperforms much more expensive, high end studio mixers in some categories. In other words, it is clean, clear and sounds great!

"Stanton spends a lot of time boasting about how hard they have worked to improve the sound quality of these mixers and, in the case of the RM.406, I would say they have succeeded."

- DJ Times

Our Denon DNX-500 mixer uses world renowned Denon quality and performance to help create the sound our clients love. Simply put, Denon mixers are clear as a bell, reliable and its ability allow the DJ to control mixing is unmatched.

-Sound Processing-

The Aphex 204 Aural Exciter (yes, it's a funny name!) is a component that has won rave reviews for it's ability to enhance sound. The patented Aural Exciter enhances detail, clarity and imaging and increases intelligibility. It pulls a vocal or an instrument up out of a mix and punches up an entire mix, even in a noisy or reverberant environment.

Aphex technology deservedly won immortality when it was originally used to mix classic albums by Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, and Jackson Browne. Since its introduction in 1975, the patented Aphex Aural Exciter has been used on thousands of hit albums, commercials, films, concerts, installed sound systems, and broadcast stations.The Aphex 204 gives our system a huge boost in sound quality.

"The Aural Exciter increases the sense of presence, clarity, detail and loudness without significantly raising the signal level, and extends the high frequencies... I heard more bass, deeper bass, and slightly brighter highs... When I bypassed the 204, CD tracks that formerly sounded okay became thin, dull and lifeless by comparison."

- Radio World

"Mixes came alive, hidden midrange material - like a stereoprocessed rhythm guitar that I'd never heard before - came to the forefront. Bass tightening, presence boosting, vocal intelligibility, and dull-to-bright conversions are all hallmarks of the 204."

- EQ Magazine

The Aural Exciter generally tightens up a mix- filling out the midrange, propping up and evening out bass response, vitalizing the treble content. By enhancing definition, you enjoy increased dimensionality in your music- instruments retain their own sense of space, and each component is distinguishable.


A Behringer Ultragraph Pro 15 band Equalizer allows us to fully customize the sound, adding or diminishing bass, mid-range and highs. The acoustics of each venue varies and this equalizer allows us to "tweak" our sound accordingly.

It even detects feedback and can be quickly adjusted to eliminate it.

-Amp And Speakers-


For the final step, we use a "matched" Yamaha Club amp and speaker system. "Matched" means the Yamaha Club series amplifier was designed specifically for use with Yamaha Club speakers.

The amp has proprietary YS Processing circuitry that works in conjunction with the speakers to deliver output tailored to the specific response of the Club Series speakers, giving you a better sound!

Yamaha components are the choice of top musicians and artists worldwide including, Alicia Keys, Sir Elton John, Sarah McLaughlin and Norah Jones.

-Are You Hearing The Truth?-


Are you getting "Cinema Quality" sound for your event?

Of the top 20 cinema chains in the USA, 75% use JBL sound. That's the truth. JBL speakers are featured in the majority of Dolby and THX installations. And now you can experience the amazing sound of JBL at your wedding or special event.

Performance isn't just based on power. It is sound quality that is most important. To my ears, the SRX715 has the best sound. Not overly bassy or brassy, plenty of warm mid range and clarity. I like them better than Mackie, QSC, Cerwin Vega and yes, even Bose!

According to JBL, these speakers offer, "the highest level of performance available from a speaker that can be placed on a pole or standard speaker tripod stand."

More from JBL: "The SRX715 is comprised of a 380 mm (15 in) 2265H patented* Differential Drive woofer which handles 800 watts (continuous) yet the entire system weighs only 22 kg (48 lb). For high frequencies, a 2431H 75 mm (3 in) voice-coil, neodymium compression driver is mounted to a 75 degree by 50 degree aluminum horn."

What they are trying to say is that it handles more power and sounds better than anything else in it's class. If you need fill a large room with sound, this speaker can do it. And if you don't, it still sounds great.

"I've used JBL's professional equipment throughout my career as a recording artist and touring musician. I want my fans to 'Hear the Truth,' and that's what JBL delivers."- Sir Paul McCartney

-That Sounds Good!-

With our package of high end players, mixer, EQ, filter, amp and speakers the music that reaches your ears has an overall full, warm sound featuring tight, mellow bass, prominent mids and clear, non-brassy highs.

Your guests will enjoy pristine sound with increased dynamic range, clarity and dimension. Through the use of advanced acoustic technology, your event will sound bigger and brighter without being louder.

You are invited to listen to our sound for yourself. Call us for a complimentary LIVE SOUND CHECK and hear the difference!


More On Sound:

DJ Craig prefers Yamaha Club Series and JBL SRX Series speakers for their clarity, warm sound and punchy bass.

Yamaha speakers drivers are custom made by Eminence Speaker Corporation to Yamaha's exacting tolerances. Woofers share design features like high strength curvilinear cones and Dupont Kapton voice coil formers. Oxygen-free copper voice coils and oversize strontium ferrite magnets are also used to provide high power handling and long life.

The drivers use cast aluminum frames to support the massive magnet structure, eliminate flex and help dissipate heat. The compression driver that generates the high frequency sound uses a pure titanium diaphragm.

This 2" dome is one of the largest in its class, allowing for very high output and low distortion, without the aid of cooling fluids. It's mated to a 90 x 40 degree custom designed CD (constant directivity) horn with excellent dispersion and response.

Crossover networks that divide the signal going to the woofer and compression driver are constructed with oversized coils, high voltage capacitors, and power resistors designed to provide the best possible sound quality and minimize loss. Overload protection is also included to protect the components.

JBL SRX715s feature wide coverage, Bi-amplified or full-range passive operation, Dual-angle pole socket for applications requiring tripod mounting, Differential Drive woofer with neodymium magnet for high-power capacity and very light-weight 3" (voice-coil) compression driver with neodymium magnet.

The enclosure is constructed of top quality birch plywood and coated in JBL's rugged DuraFlex finish. The attractive CNC-machined, 16-gauge steel grille wraps around the sides of the enclosure so there are no protruding lips on the front of the box to create acoustical interference. The grilles are internally lined with acoustically transparent foam to provide additional driver protection and give a very professional appearance.


A matched Yamaha Club Series amplifier provides superior sound quality realized by circuit design and careful selection of parts focusing on sound quality. These amps feature tight low tones, full and rich high tones and abundant, stable mid-tones. Especially, the series features high resolution for spoken words and vocals.

Craig has added an Aphex Aural Exciter sound processor to further enhance his sound. The patented Aural Exciter enhances detail, clarity and imaging. It has even been scientifically proven to increase intelligibility. It pulls a vocal or an instrument up out of a mix and punches up an entire mix, even in a noisy or reverberant environment.

The Aural Exciter restores the subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording process. Its patented Transient Discriminate Harmonics Generator determines which parts of the signal need harmonic enhancement. The effect creates more space around each element of the mix and greater overall dimensionality.

cd player

Pioneer MEP-7000 media player, Denon and Pioneer mixers are used for playing and mixing.

Shure UHF wireless mics are used for their proven performance even under challenging conditions.

Speakers are sometimes elevated on Ultimate Support tripods depending on location, to help them project.

Redundant back up equipment includes secondary amp, mixing board and CD players.



Craig offers an array of lighting options. From simple floodlights to create diffused color washes, to wireless LED uplights and pin spots for lighting specific areas, custom gobos and monograms, lasers, mirror balls, stage truss and sound active party lights.

See more samples of our
Special Event Lighting

Liability Insurance

DJ Craig's events and clients are covered by 2 million dollars in comprehensive liability insurance. Certificate available upon request.

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