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..."Where there's music, there can be no evil." - Cervantes

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The Hitlist

Now you can choose music just like a Pro DJ, with DJ Craig's Hitlist!

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A good DJ knows what music works for the dance floor and what doesn't. Now you can too- a copy of The Hitlist is YOURS for the asking!

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The Key To Any Party Is Great Music

Do you know the ten Rock songs that get a great response from ANY age group? How about the eight most danceable FLASHBACK 80s songs?

Can you identify the FIVE slow songs that are instantly recognizable whether your guests are 18 or 80? How about the forgotten Guilty Pleasure that gets people on the dance floor EVERY time? Do you know which Hip Hop songs are most likely to work and which AREN'T?

Now you can find out with DJ Craig's Hitlist. It's packed full of the songs and artists that are proven to pull people to the dance floor like a magnet! Whether it's Oldies, Disco, Classic Rock, Rap, Country, Swing or even Rockabilly, if it works, it's ON THE LIST!!!

It's not how many songs a DJ has that's important, it's WHAT HE PLAYS that matters! Now you can take control of your party music. The best One Hit Wonders, Supergroups, Divas, Rock Gods, Hip Hop Kings, Crooners, Cowboys and sure fire dance floor anthems are ALL here.

Of the 1,200 studio recordings Frank Sinatra made, can you name the top FOUR? Do you know what THREE Beatles songs get the best dance floor response? There's a One Hit Wonder always has the ladies rushing out to dance to it, can you guess it? How about the most widely appealing Pop hit of ALL TIME?

If you're not sure, you NEED The Hitlist!

All of the best, most likely to get a response music is on the Hitlist. And because it's put into simple categories, it's easy to pick the music you like.

The Hit List includes all types of music, from Abba to Van Morrison, from Oldies to the latest Chartbusters, so you won't overlook any artist, genre or style.

With DJ Craig's Hitlist, you will be choosing songs that are proven favorites. The Hit List works because it is based on the dance floor reactions of people at hundreds and hundreds of events over the past  2 decades. This "road tested" list is filled with the most danceable music available.

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Themes, Dancing and Special Requests

Before the dancing starts, set the mood for your party. As your guests arrive, eat and mingle, they will enjoy your choice of specially chosen music.

Unlike generic background "muzak", your choice is tied to a unique theme. It may be Ultra Lounge, Latin Flamenco Fusion, Happy Hour Mix, Tropical Beach, Cool Jazz, Sophisticated Swing or one of our other exclusive

Our stylish music mixes sound unlike anything else available. It's theme music that is original and eclectic yet accessible and upbeat. These suggestions are all listed on  DJ Craig's Hitlist.

If you like, we'll design an original sound just for your own theme. Add that special flavor to your party and send a message to your guests about the fun yet to come!

When the Dance Music starts, of course you want your guests to have a great time. We encourage you to give us as much input on music as you like. But choosing good songs should not be a burden.

With the Hitlist, you can plan the all the music for your entire party in just 5 minutes! And if you're a music lover, you can spend as much time on it as you like. Our list is designed to spark your imagination so you can add those sudden inspirations to the list.

If you're looking for a special song we've got thousands to choose from. And if it's not already in our library we can usually download a high quality copy of it in seconds.

Song Selection

How do we decide what song to play next?

This is where your DJ needs to be part music programmer, part crowd psychologist and part remix artist. In the space of about three minutes all he or she has to do is:

1. Respond to the dance floor by picking the perfect song for your group at this moment (reading the crowd).

2. Align the beats if doing a beat mix and/or loop it seamlessly so it is in perfect tempo with the currently playing song.

3. Mix it in flawlessly so the dance floor never loses it's momentum.

Not always an easy task but well worth the effort when the right song is chosen and mixed perfectly!

Picking the right song is an art in itself. From the thousands of available songs, a DJ has to consider many options; How the next song will mix with the selection currently playing, what the clients like, what the guests are responding to, guest requests, who's currently on the dance floor and who's not and when it's time to change the pace or style of music.

An alert DJ makes mental notes of what songs got a good response from your guests and which ones didn't. He knows who's on his dance floor, what their energy level is, when it's time to keep the beat going and when it's time to take a risk.

Intuition and experience plays a big part here. At the right moment, a contrasting change in music can add energy and keep the celebration from getting stale. At the wrong time, it can be a disaster.

Looping, Pitch and Beats Per Minute

This is the technical meat and potatoes of mixing. With digital CD players, the BPM (Beats Per Minute) or speed of a song, can be changed to perfectly match another song within 1/100 of a second. Sometimes this is known as changing the "pitch" of a song although with the newer players the tempo can be changed without actually effecting pitch.

A new song can be mixed or brought in on the beat while the current song is still playing. During a perfect mix, it is impossible to tell where one song ends and another begins. The momentum of the dance floor continues without interruption!

Another CD player function is Seamless Looping . This allows the DJ to create a repeating loop of any part of a song. If the intro of a given song is not long enough, a loop can be created to make that intro as long as desired.

If the guests are really getting into a song that is going to be over shortly, a seamless loop can make it last indefinitely. Using these techniques judiciously puts the DJ in better control of his dance floor.

- DJ Craig

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