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Planning the perfect 1980s Flashback Party means hiring the right disc jockey with the BEST music- New Wave, Punk, Funk, Hair Metal, Pop, Disco and those Guilty Pleasures from back in the day. Hire a Flashback 80s DJ that has it all!

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DJ Craig has a huge library of Flashback 80s party music and is your New Wave Party Specialist. Whether you want to Skank, Pogo, Slam, Mosh, "Walk Like An Egyptian", do The Worm or "Walk the Dinosaur", we've got your songs.

Get the 107 Best 80s Party Songs, find out what "Retrowave" Music is and see if your favorite 80s song has been redone here: Great 80s Cover Songs!

See our Where Are They Now? section to find out if any of your favorite 80s New Wave artists have NEW music out.

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The New Wave Era

When the 1980's ended, New Wave music seemed destined to become a forgotten relic of a bygone era. Eclipsed on the airwaves by New Jack Swing, Hip Hop, Pop and Grunge, the music that inspired spiked hair and slam dancing was quickly being rendered obsolete.

Many of the independent record labels that cultivated adventurous new sounds disappeared due to industry consolidation. The few remaining major labels offered less and less musical diversity.

These few remaining corporate music conglomerates forgot about promoting groundbreaking music. Having previously saturated the market with "hair metal" bands, they now focused on marketing narrow, formula versions of alternative rock and pop.

The radio industry consolidated as well. Longtime progressive radio stalwarts like KROQ FM in Los Angeles/ Orange County, changed their programming. They abandoned most of the 80's artists and music that originally made them "world famous", along with much of their their loyal listenership. They stopped playing The Cure, The Police and The Smiths in favor of KORN, Oasis and Third Eye Blind.

The New Wave/Punk movement seemed destined to become irrelevant. Gone was the irony, irreverence, the Punk DIY attitude and the fresh, cutting edge sound. Alternative rock now consisted mainly of Limp Bizkit and Blink 182 sound-alikes.

The New Wave Resurrection

What no one counted on was the number of kids that grew up listening to and being inspired by the New Wave sound. When these kids got old enough, they started their own bands. And then their own movement- "Retrowave".

Retrowave artists like The Killers, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, The Sounds, Muse, Interpol and Hot Hot Heat have become wildly popular by successfully emulating their New Wave heroes. The club, radio and record industries have taken special notice of these buzz making bands.

The 80's sound has now returned and is as popular as ever! 80's Retro Dance Clubs are gaining popularity and Retrowave bands are getting famous. Many radio stations now feature Flashback 80's programming as part of their regular schedule.

Meanwhile, a surprising number of original 80's artists including Billy Idol, U2, Morrissey, Blondie, Erasure, Elvis Costello, etc. have continued creating new music into the 21st century- many have new releases out right now!

The fun sounds, attitude and yes, even pretentiousness of New Wave is back and big as ever. Not that there's anything wrong with that. After all, if a guy living in a Beverly Hills mansion writing hip hop songs about ghetto life ain't pretentious, what is?

Check out the links for more info on Retrowave Music, Flashback 80's Radio, 80's Dance Clubs and what your favorite original 80s New Wave Punk Artists have been up to in the new millennium.

- 80's DJ Craig

To schedule an appointment with DJ Craig or inquire about date availability, please call 949.362.3535. Your 80s party is only going to happen ONCE- hire the right DJ!

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