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The Beaches Of Laguna  

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The Beaches Of Laguna

Laguna offers over SEVEN miles of beautiful beaches and spectacular coastline views.

Northern Laguna features Irvine Cove, Crescent Bay, Shaw's Cove, Boat Canyon, Diver's Cove, Picnic Beach and Rockpile.

Central Beaches include Main Beach, Sleepy Hollow, St. Ann's Street, Thalia Street, Oak Street, Brook's Street and Mountain Road Beach.

Southern Laguna Beach (South Laguna Beach) beaches include Bluebird Canyon, Pearl Street, Wood's Cove, Moss Point, Rockledge, Victoria Beach and Treasure Island.

1000 Steps Beach between 9th & 10th streets in South Laguna Beach features sand volleyball courts and nets at this tucked away beach which features very limited parking. Prominent features of this beach include surfing and volleyball via a steep set of stairs.

Though there are not necessarily 1,000 steps at this beach (really about 230), who's counting when it seems so steep? A body surfing area, volleyball and a famous beach known for its long staircase leading to a spectacular surfing area are trademarks of this South Laguna Beach public beach.

Like most Laguna Beaches, the beach itself is noticeable for its appearance as a friendly, neighborhood beach that's intimate and tucked away from view. Facilities at Thousand steps beach consist of a restroom and shower. Beach Operation at Orange County Harbors, Beaches, and Parks is your best contact for this beach: (714) 834-2400.

Bluebird Beach is located in front of the Surf and Sand Hotel at the base of Bluebird Canyon. The ramp that leads down to the beach is located at the corner of South Coast Highway and Bluebird Canyon.

This beach is popular with guests of the hotel as well as local residents. Most of Bluebird Beach is a sandy stretch with a strong shore break wave that is popular with body surfers. There are also several small reefs on the southern end of the beach that are popular with body boarders, but should be avoided by swimmers. Bluebird Canyon Beach is a centrally located beach.

Boat Canyon Beach in a cove approximately 400 feet long, and its stairway is along the side of the Diver's Cove condominiums, is a tucked away, intimate beach that's a gem hidden from view of the busy Coast Highway. Popular activities include fishing, skin and scuba diving. This is a small beach and is rarely crowded during week days. The beach will wash out at moderate high tides. Boat Canyon is situated along the northern beaches of Laguna Beach.

Brook's Street Beach is a surfing beach and is not intended for those wanting to swim or body board. A good south swell can generate some long lefts that start breaking all the way out at Second Reef. Brook's Street Beach is a centrally located beach.

Crescent Bay Beach is a large cove about 0.25 miles long. It is located in the north end of Laguna where Cliff Drive intercepts North Pacific Coast Highway. The beach is a sandy stretch with rocky areas at the north and south ends.

Off the north point there is a large rock about 120 yards off shore called Seal Rock because of the seals and sea lions that take refuge there. Swimmers and kayakers are not allowed on the rock and should stay away from any marine mammals in the area. Popular activities are skim boarding, skin and scuba diving, surf and rock fishing, body surfing, body boarding, tide pooling, and numerous other beach games. Crescent Bay is a popular beach. The surf at Crescent Bay can get as large as 12-15 feet. Crescent Bay Beach is located on northern section of Laguna Beaches.

Christmas Cove Beach is the northern most beach that is easily accessible from the Montage Resort. The best access to the beach is by way of the ramp at the end of the Montage Resort park area. Goff Cove is just off to the left at the bottom of the ramp. Christmas Cove Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Diver's Cove Beach a 300-foot long beach, and joins Picnic Beach at its southern end. Popular activities include swimming, skin and scuba diving, and body surfing. Diver's Cove is located on the northern end of Laguna Beach beaches.

Goff Cove Beach is located between Treasure Island and Christmas Cove. It is best accessed by the stairs that lead down from the Montage Resort, just at the beginning of the park. It can also be reached by the ramp that leads down to Christmas Cove. Middle Man Cove is the next cove south of Goff Cove. Goff Cove Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Irvine Cove Beach is only accessible via the private community of Irvine Cove. The two parts of the beach are separated by a rocky point that has a tunnel for passing through during very low tides. The majority of the people who visit this beach enjoy the larger, southern section of the cove. Irvine Cove Beach is located in the northern portion of the city.

Main Beach and Main Beach Park are located in the heart of the city. What's so enjoyable about this destination? The number of beaches visitors can enjoy, the tide pools to explore, the strategic location between Los Angeles, Disneyland and San Diego and finally, the number of hotel rooms at the beach that include affordable to luxury resorts. Main Beach is a centrally located beach.

Moss Point Beach is a secluded beach north of Rockledge and south of Wood's Cove. The cove is very small, and even at low tide it doesn't hold many people. The few people who come down are locals and divers. Popular activities include skin diving, scuba diving, and exploring the tidepools during low tide. It's a small sandy beach that looks up at sloped cliffs where large decked two to three-story houses sit. Moss Point Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Mountain Road Beach on the south side of Surf & Sand Resort Hotel is surrounded by Cress Street Beach to the north and Bluebird Beach to the south. Popular activities include body boarding, bodysurfing, fishing, and scuba diving. Mountain Road Beach is a centrally located beach.

Oak Street Beach is north of Brook's Street and extends north past Anita Street.  Popular activities include body boarding, body surfing, and watching the surf from the observation deck when it gets good. Mostly older locals come to this beach and locate themselves to the south. A younger set of locals gathers close to the tower. Oak Street Beach is a centrally located beach.

Pearl Street Beach is a popular for a phenomenon the blow hole. The area is fairly rocky with reefs at the north and south ends. Sometimes small rips set up just to the north of the tower. There is no climbing, jump or dive off Arch Rock. Surfing is not allowed at Pearl Street. Pearl Street is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Picnic Beach is approximately 700 feet long and located below Heisler Park spreading mostly to the south of the ramp that arrives at the Picnic Beach. Visitors to Picnic Beach in Laguna Beach enjoy skin and scuba diving, body surfing, and tide pooling. This beach is very popular with weekend groups of skin and scuba divers and families. Picnic Beach is located on the northern end of Laguna Beach.

Rockpile Beach in a cove at the South end of Heisler Park and is approximately 700 feet long. It is somewhat isolated, but at lower tides can provide an excellent spot to explore the tidepools, especially during the winter months. During extremely low tides it is possible to get close to Bird Rock. Bird Rock is a bird sanctuary and is off limits to people. At high tides however almost no dry sand remains on the beach. Rockpile Beach is a northern Laguna Beach.

Shaw's Cove Beach at the base of Fairview Street is about 500 feet long. Nearby visitors, tourists and locals enjoy swimming, boogie boarding, skin diving, scuba diving, and rock and surf fishing.  This beach is secluded, and most of it's visitors are locals or regulars, however. Shaw's Cove is situated in the northern region of Laguna Beach.

Sleepy Hollow Beach is located south of the center of town. The beach access stairway on Sleepy Hollow Lane just south of the signal at Legion and Pacific Coast Hwy provides easy access for guests staying at Vacation Village Hotel, which overlooks this popular beach. Sleepy Hollow is a centrally located beach in Laguna Beach.

St. Ann's Street Beach is a surfing (south end, south of the surf flag), body surfing, and body boarding mecca. The beach is used almost exclusively used by locals of all ages and the primary sport here is surfing. St. Ann's Street Beach is centrally located in Laguna Beach.

Thalia Street Beach is used almost exclusively used by locals of all ages who surf and skim. This is a surfing beach and is not for use by swimmers or body boarders. Swimming is permitted south of the beach (past the surf flag) at the northern end of Anita Street beach. Thalia Street Beach is a centrally located beach.

Treasure Island Beach
is the southern most city beach that is guarded by the Laguna Beach Lifeguard Department. It is located north of  Aliso Creek Beach. It is best accessed by the ramp at the southwest corner of the Montage Resort. Treasure Island Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Victoria Beach is a short stroll from Casa Laguna hotel and is known for its soft white sand, beautiful blue-green water, impressive residences (old and new) and its famous residents. "La Tour" is located at Victoria Beach, one of Laguna's most private public beaches.

Volleyball courts are located at the north end and at the south end, but the main attraction is the tower built in 1926. It was designed to provide spiraling stairs from the precipitous cliffs above. Its appearance of an early Victorian lighthouse or turret of a 16th century castle delights tourists who often photograph it. Victoria Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

Wood's Cove Beach provides easy access to both Wood's Cove and Lovers' Cove. Popular activities here are diving, body surfing, fishing, and exploring the tide pools. The crowd is largely local families that live near this cove. The beach can become very crowded on summer weekends. Wood's Cove Beach is a southern beach of Laguna Beach.

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