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Great Mexican Food In Laguna

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Great Mexican Food= Javier's Cantina

A Laguna Beach mainstay for years, Javier's Cantina has relocated to Crystal Cove. If you're used to "chain restaurant" Mexican food (think El Torito), Javier's will be a welcome treat. The food here is a cut above what most Mexican restaurants serve in both flavor and presentation.

The chips are always fresh, usually warm from the kitchen, and unlike at Las Brisas, complimentary. The moderately priced menu offers tasty choices including fantastic ceviche and scrumptious shrimp burritos.

Javier's boasts a wide selection of tequilas and handmade signature margaritas. One favorite is the "Laguna Rosa" margarita which includes cranberry and a specially chosen tequila. It's as smooth and sweet as grandma's lemonade but quite a bit more potent.

Javier's understands that a great margarita starts with a great margarita mix. 
Javier's mix contains natural sweeteners and no corn syrup. It's one of the reasons Javier's margaritas are good to the last drop.

The atmosphere in Javier's is colorful and relaxed. Terra cotta floor tile and stucco walls will have you imagining you're in Baja. This is a great place to kick back on a warm sunny day, enjoy the ocean view and call friends from other parts of the country just to rub it in!

The cantina always has on ocean breeze and a spirited mix of customers, many of whom come to view the latest sports events or people watch, while basking in the glow of the late afternoon sun.

By the way, there really is a Javier. You may spot him overseeing the restaurant on busy nights or occasionally out at other local establishments enjoying the good life.

Javier's Cantina is located in Crystal Cove on Pacific Coast Highway.

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