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DJ Richard Blade

Richard Blade (aka Dick Sheppard), began his KROQ DJ career back in 1982 and has promoted dance parties at popular clubs in Los Angeles and Orange County like The Palace, Old World and Florentine Gardens.

Blade helped popularize New Wave music in it's heyday and is still playing 80s hits. He is currently on the air at SiriusXM Satellite Radio 1st Wave Ch. 33 and 93.1 Jack FM's Flashback Lunch.

"The moment I opened on the microphone at KROQ, I knew how important that was going to be," he said. "I could feel the buzz. The station at the time had been struggling for an identity, but it had all this talent in place with Jed the Fish, Freddy Snakeskin, Dusty Street, Rodney on the ROQ and Rich Carroll, the greatest programmer in the world. By pure luck I just fit in so well because there was so much English music happening at the time and I was an English guy. It all just worked and I felt like the final piece of the puzzle. I wasn't the puzzle, I was just a piece of it and bam, it all came together and it was successful and a lot of fun."- Rick Blade, OC Register August 17, 2017

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"KROQ allowed me to play anything I wanted."- Richard Blade

Check out Richard Blade in the "Eye On LA" special about the early days of New Wave in So Cal:


80s KROQ DJ Richard Blade
-Blades column from the July, 1983 KROQ Rag-


"World Famous" 106.7 KROQ DJs included Richard Blade, Freddie Snakeskin, Dusty Street, Jed the Fish and Poor Man.

They were irreverent, sarcastic, funny and not above playing an occasional off color or novelty song just to provoke a reaction (example- the politically incorrect "Kinko The Clown"). Or they would often pepper a hit song with zany audio snippets or "drop ins" just for the hell of it. Audio clips from Jack Webb as Joe Friday from Dragnet, in his trademark deadpan style, were a favorite.

Listen live to Roq Of The 80s. This site contains New Wave streaming audio and lists of the top KROQ songs from 1980-1989.

1980s KROQ radio recordings, Click link and a NEW window will open-

Actual audio from the "world famous" KROQ includes nostalgic commercials, drop ins and DJs Poor Man, Dusty Street, Richard Blade and others.

KROQ Archival Recording #1

KROQ Archival Recording #2

KROQ Archival Recording #3

KROQ Archival Recording #4

KROQ Archival Recording #5

KROQ Archival Recording #6

KROQ Archival Recording #7

KROQ Archival Recording #8

Special thanks to Zack for making these available!

Here's early KROQ archival audio from July 26, 1982. Listen and enjoy! KROQ July 26, 1982.


Remember the avant garde 105.5 KNAC? The weak transmission from Long Beach didn't always penetrate far but when it did the eclectic music mix was captivating.

"Rock And Rhythm KNAC" was in many ways more daring than KROQ and more cutting edge. KNAC had a reputation for introducing alternative artists that would eventually be added to the playlist of the more popular and powerful KROQ.

Listen to actual KNAC archival audio from the 80s. Click link and a NEW window will open- 80s KNAC Aircheck.

In January 1986, the format suddenly changed and the experimental KNAC would be gone forever. KNAC changed to an all Heavy Metal format before eventually going Spanish.

91X actually had a more diverse mix than KROQ when, in the mid 80s, "The Roq" began to narrow their playlist and play "approved" songs in tight rotation.

91X Archival Recording:

91X still honors the music of the 80s each week on the flashback show, "Resurrection Sunday" from 6 am to 10 am.

- DJ Craig

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