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Wedding Reception Lighting for Orange County, Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

    by DJ Craig

    ..."If life is like a stage I want better lighting!"...

-Wedding Uplighting-

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"Uplighting" or "up lighting", gets it's name from the direction of the beams of light that are projected on to a wall or other surface. One or more fixtures are placed at a low position around the room, near the bottom of a wall or set of columns, for example.

The lights are pointed UP so the corresponding beams highlight the wall and extend towards the ceiling. The effect is quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color and dimension to any area.

Uplighting is very useful when there are no decorations allowed on the walls, a room needs color, an area is too dark or a surface needs to be made to stand out from its surroundings.

We offer par 38 150w, par 56 300w, par 64 500w and several L.E.D. models including our ultra bright 10,000 lux LED up light fixtures. 
Our RGBA led uplights are super bright and feature an amber diode which makes smooth color mixing easy even for pastel colors including amber and purple.

-The Power Truss-

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lighting truss

This polished aluminum vertical truss adds the "wow" factor to any reception. It stands 6 1/2 feet tall and is lit from inside. Lighting fixtures can be mounted on top. The truss is a great option when there is limited space. It takes up less room than a standard tripod.

-Message Wedding Gobos-

Your choice  of custom gobo messages. Adjustable size.

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  message gobo

Custom made gobos, with personal names, monograms, initials or other text can be created from camera ready art work.

-Image Wedding Gobos-

Your choice images- unlimited size.

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image gobo

Have a specific theme or "look"? Image gobos such as hearts, stars, snowflakes and many other patterns are available. Custom gobos can even be created from photographs or other graphics.

-Dance Floor Lighting-

Starlight Lazer Projector

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starlight projector blisslight

The Starlight brings the universe indoors. Thousands of slowly moving glowing stars are scattered randomly on the ceiling and/or walls.

Waterfall Simulation

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h20 water effect

The illusion of flowing water on any surface- cascading waves ripple across the room! Specific color scan be chosen or the effect can be set to continually rotate through a series of shades.


Classic Mirror Ball

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mirror ball

The classic mirror ball fills the room with a cool party vibe. Dance the night away as the magic ball spins and shines!

Sound Activated Dance Floor Lighting

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dance floor lighting

Sound activated scanners simulate intelligent lighting without the high cost. Turn your reception into an upscale happening! 2 or more scanners will cover any area.

Pin Spot Lighting

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pinspot lighting

Pin Spots produce a tight, focused beam and can be used to highlight any small area such as a centerpiece, cake table, head table, gift table, mirror ball, picture or anything you want to draw attention to. Pin spot lighting can really make a wedding cake pop out from its' surroundings.

Wedding Uplighting


Power Truss

message gobo

Message Wedding Gobo

message gobo

Image Wedding Gobo

image gobo

Starlight Lazer

starlight projector blisslight


h20 water effect

Mirror Ball

mirror ball

Dance Floor Lighting

dance lighting

Pin Spot Lighting

pin spot lighting

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