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Laguna Beach Event Lighting Rental For Orange County, LA and the greater So Cal area.

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    Lighting For Special Events

    ..."If life is like a stage I want better lighting!"...

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One of the most popular Laguna Beach Event Lighting Rentals are Uplights or "up lighting". Creating colored beams of light on the walls of a location adds a fun party element.

Uplighting is great in place of decorations, or to beautify on otherwise non-descript, boring or downright ugly room.

Each fixture creates any color of the rainbow including the two most popular colors- purple and amber. Uplights are available in both Par Cans and the latest low wattage, bright, RGBA LEDs.

-The Power Truss-

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light tower rental

Reflective aluminum vertical truss adds the "wow" factor to any event. It stands over 6 feet tall is lit with the color of your choice. Lighting fixtures can be mounted on top if needed. The Power Truss is an impressive way to add the Rock Star element to your party!

-Custom Message Gobos-

Your choice  of messages up to 75 feet high

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  wedding gobo

Custom Message Gobos- put your name, personal message, monogram, company logo or any image/ text in light. Gobos can be multi colored.

-Image Gobos-

Imagine your message bigger than life- up to 75 feet high or more.

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custom gobo

Image gobos are available in any theme. Patterns, cityscapes, signs, hearts, stars, snowflakes, etc.

-Special Effect Club/Dance Floor Lighting-

Starlight Lazer Projector

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universe simulator

Bring the universe indoors with thousands of moving stars and galaxies on the ceiling and walls. The Starlight creates a night sky effect in any room.

Waterfall Simulation

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water effect rental

The illusion of flowing water on any surface- cascading waves ripple across the walls or ceiling! Can also be used as a fire effect.


Classic Mirror Ball

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mirror ball

The iconic mirror ball proclaims “The party is HERE!” Dance the night away as the magic ball spins and sparkles!

"Intelligent" Lighting Rental

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intelligent lighting rental

Sound activated scanners have multiple beams of light that move to the music. The beams are constantly changing direction, color and size, sweeping across a large area with every beat. Creates a Rave or Club effect in any space.

Pin Spot Lighting

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pinspot lighting

Pin Spots can be used to highlight a small area such as a centerpiece, cake table, head table, gift table, mirror ball, picture frame, bar or stage.



Power Truss

message gobo

Message Gobo

message gobo

Image Gobo

image gobo

Starlight Lazer

starlight projector blisslight


water effect

Mirror Ball

mirror ball rental

Dance Floor Lighting

dance lighting

Pin Spot Lighting

pin spot lighting

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At Laguna Beach Event Lighting Rental we provide spot lights, led uplights, string lights, bistro lights, party lighting and pin spots.


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Laguna Beach Event Lighting Rental
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