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Want to hire a KROQ DJ without breaking your budget? DJ Craig has been playing music for 80s Flashback New Wave Dance Parties for years. Craig loved KROQ back in the 80s and is familiar with KROQ DJs and an expert in classic Flashback songs.

Unfortunately, the KROQ format has changed. But YOU can still hear all your favorite Punk and New Wave inspired classics with DJ Craig. He has a huge library of Flashback 80s party music and is your 80s New Wave Party Specialist.

Here is a list of some Favorite 80s Party Songs

You can see if your favorite 80s song has been covered here: Great 80s Cover Songs!

Where Are They Now?... 80s New Wave artists in the new millennium.


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KROQ DJs Then And Now

80s KROQ DJs included Freddy Snakeskin, Richard Blade, Dusty Street, Raymondo, Raechel Donahue, The Poor Man, Swedish Eagle, Tami Heide, April Whitney, Mike Evans, Katy Manor, John Logic and Sam Freeze. That was back when it was an adventurous radio station playing dynamic, cutting edge music.

KROQ DJs Eagle, Snakeskin & Blade have since moved on to satellite radio. KROQ DJ Dusty Street does voice overs for TV and radio. Raymond Banister aka Raymondo, moved to Magic 99.1 KTMG in Arizona.

Being a KROQ DJ in the 80s was a blast. This was the time when New Wave music was starting to explode. Many exciting new bands like U2, B-52s, Depeche Mode, The Go- Gos, The Cure, The Police and The Smiths were breaking out.

The New Wave Resurrection

A lot of kids grew up listening to KROQ DJs and being inspired by the New Wave sound. When these kids got old enough, they started their own bands. And then their own movement- "NextWave"!

Artists like The Killers, The Strokes, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, The Sounds, Muse, Interpol and Hot Hot Heat have become wildly popular by successfully emulating their New Wave heroes.

The music originally played by KROQ DJs is as popular as ever. Many radio stations now feature Flashback 80's programming as part of their regular schedule.

A surprising number of original 80's artists including Billy Idol, Blondie, U2, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey, Erasure, Elvis Costello, Pretenders, etc. have continued creating new music into the 21st century- many have new releases out right now!

Check out the links for more info on NextWave Music, Flashback 80's Radio, 80's Dance Clubs
and what your favorite original 80s New Wave Punk Artists have been up to in the new millennium.

- DJ Craig

Many people have tried to hire a KROQ DJ for their party only to find out they are way expensive and aren't full time pros when it comes to private dance parties. To schedule an appointment with 80s Specialist DJ Craig or inquire about date availability, please call 949.362.3535.

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